song dip to play sweeper

Is there a way to make the song dip when playing a sweeper with the sweeper in the playlist not the cartwall.

Automatically: No.

Manually: Use volume envelopes in the Mix Editor.

I was hoping for something more on the fly than changing the volume of the song.

A friend showed it to me on the programme they use and thought it was cool you play a song put a sweeper over it the software knows its a jingle and lowers the track volume till the jingle has ended.

I think that should be possible with a nifty mAirList Notification script and a dedicated ‘sweepers’ player. The idea being that hitting PLAY on the ‘dedicated’ player would dip the level of any OTHER running players, and the sweeper ending would restore the previous level.

The main problem being that I can’t think of a good way to fade a player using a script. :-\


(Note to regular viewers: Yes I’ve been offline for a week or two, HD crash on my Internet PC, literally just back to approaching normal and online tonight!)

Thanks I will post a message in the script part see if anyone can make one.