somethings you might want to add

I have been thinking about my old playout called allday dj
And I did like afew thinks that I think would go well in mAirList

  1. When you click auto it makes its own playlist
  2. You can set what type of audio you want to play i.e.
    key -
  3. So you will have to have something that can identafies songs jingles & adverts And at time i.e. every hour or time and day you can have a jingle to play super for toth

Some of this can be accomplished with scripts, however with mAirListDB in development I’m sure all of this will eventually be included features.

To add a jingle at the top of the hour you could use either a script or the actions list. Something more clever would be to use either of these functions to insert a playlist (the playlist for instance called news in and includes ad/station id/news id).

Cad has posted an excellent script especially for this here;,2724.0.html

Just read through the thred and download his script.

Kind Regards Tony