Something strange with automatic container


I realized a strange thing.
I’m using an automatic container for news.
I’ve got an opener, a bed, a bumper, and an outro.
So i’ve got two news elements.

So it looks like something like that :
Opener > Local News (with bed) > Bumper > National news (with bed) > Outro

But the bed stops randomly during the national news. Sometimes, it’s played until the end of news.


Exact version number/build?

And is the outro also played too early? During the news?

Hi Torben,

I’m using Version 6.3.6 build 4387
And i will do the 6.3.7 update this day.

The outro is not played early. It’s played at its good place.

Please find an example here :
The bed is stopped at 04:44

I’ve tried to change my bed. Instead of a bed of 20 s, i’m now using a 5 min bed.
But, the result is the same. The bed stops alone around 4 min 40s.


Does the music bed have a Start Next by any chance?

Maybe you could create a playlist with only the news container, save it to an empty folder in *.mlpe format (export playlist, so the audio files are copied to the same folder), zip up everything and upload to - that would help me to reproduce it.

After an unsuccesful try, please find playlist and audio files in nextcloud.

The news bed audio file is just too short. The total duration of the news break is around 5:20, but the bed is only 4:41.

Bildschirmfoto von Parallels Desktop (27-11-20, 11-38-23)

You must produce a longer version of the news bed. Loop markers will not work!

Ok ! I thought news bed would restart again after the bumper.
And I also thought loops in and out was supported.

It works now ! Thanks a lot !

No, and no :slight_smile:

It keeps running all the time in the background. The bumpers are placed on top of it.

And containers do not support loops at all.