Some VT Observations..

There was another bug regarding the VT volume option - should be fixed in b1408 now (just uploaded).

I have also changed the code wrt. the selected items when starting VT. You can now even select arbitrary items (not only two subsequent items) for A and B.

I will investigate the volume envelope issues later.


As far as I can see the headphone volume level on 1408 is the same (no dipping) and selecting item 2 then shift-down to include 3 still performs a VT between items 3 an 4 so I can’t see any difference in these.

Also noticed that
a) the ‘More’ button above Cancel does not appear to do anything
b) if I change the Title of the voicetrack and press save it still displays the default title in the playlist
c) if I change the Title of the voicetrack and press save the filenames saved to disk are in the format ‘VoiceTrack-{F9B7B9F5-28BD-4B5B-B272-5594D6893E16}.mp3’ Is this intended?


Headphone level: Make sure that the option is ticked in the config. (The bug was that the config file wasn’t processed correctly, so the option was unchecked again every time you restarted the software.)

Selected items: I made that change on my laptop and forgot to commit it to SVN, so it was missing from b1408 when I uploaded that build from my office PC. It’s now included in b1410 which I just uploaded.

More button: I removed it, because it didn’t really make sense here. (If you plan to edit more metadata than the title, just do so from the playlist after you added the track.)

Title: Is now processed correctly.

“Strange” filename: This is to make sure that all recorded voice tracks have a unique filename, even when two people record the voice track with the exact same title at the exact same time.

First of all… VT is the feature of 4.1 – amazingly simple, yet allows to record ‘as live’, with an ease that almost makes you forget that you aren’t live on air. Very natural. I love it.

Few things though…
When recording VTs in the database and checking the playlist with the mix editor, everything sounds fine — HOWEVER, when the playlist is imported into the studio app, on some links the volume envelopes (music items) are gone, with other links those envelopes are intact, but the tracks are added one after another, no overlapping: Track 1 - Voicetrack - Track 2; so far I haven’t been able to reproduce it at will though.

Will continue testing… and Torben… thanks for your dedication to this product. :smiley:

Ah, I see. It’s a bug. After VT editing, the A/B music items must be set to “customized mode” (orange dot icon) so that their specific properties, including the volume envelope, are saved on playlist level. In the default “green dot” mode, only a reference to the original library item is stored, so the specific envelopes are lost.

I will fix that ASAP.

Sounds good Torben, thanks.

One more thing…

Even with a VT directory set in the preferences, the default when the import dialog comes up differs from the one in the settings. Is that me doing something wrong, or a bug?
And… if that is not already implemented, could the path please be parsed for variables (time, date) to allow dynamic sub directories for storage? I would assume that with thousands of files in one folder, performance would decrease rapidly when reading files from that directory. Therefore… sth. like \Voicetracking\2012-02-09\1300\ (create dir. if not exists) would be a nice workaround :slight_smile:



First of all, don’t mix up (physical file system) directories and (virtual) mAirListDB folders - it’s two different things!

When you record the voice track, it will be saved to the directory that you specify in the config. That’s a local copy of the file for the moment. (I think I can easily add support for variables in the path name.)

Now when the DB import dialog pops up and you click “Import”, the file will be copied to the storage directory, and added to the virtual DB folder that you specify. (That’s the whole point of the dialog - copying files into the storage directory and adding them to the DB library at the same time. And remember that the dialog isn’t only used for VT tracks, you can use it for any audio file that you drag into the library.)

So actually you end up with two copies of the file. Perhaps we should introduce a “delete original file” checkbox.

Finally, keep in mind that it is absolutely not necessary to add every VT track to the database library, even if you are going to use it in a database playlist! You can keep it as a “local file” (blue dot icon) in the playlist.

Thanks for the intro as to how the import feature works.

I was referring to physical directories only though— so if variables could be supported in the path name (with directories being created if they do not exist) that would be great!

I did not know about voice tracks being copied (instead of moved) when importing them to the database… but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for letting me know. And you’re right… importing the files into the database doesn’t make much sense as it would just make the database grow…

And… if there’s room (probably at the very bottom) of your to do list… could you imagine a feature to set defaults for each item type? Like… background colour and/or icon perhaps? I would like voice tracks to be highlighted in the playlist, and right now I change the background colour for each voice track item manually. Perhaps it even is an existing feature and I haven’t located it yet?


Hi GreenT, you certainly can set colours and item types. Either manually or look for Charlies script. I think written for version 2 of mAirList.

Kind Regards Tony

[quote=“tony wilding, post:29, topic:7779”]Hi GreenT, you certainly can set colours and item types. Either manually or look for Charlies script. I think written for version 2 of mAirList.

Kind Regards Tony[/quote]

Hi Tony, as I said in my post— that’s what I do, manually. The intention was to have presets for each item type applied automatically when an item is added. Guess I’ll wait and hope for the best (= Torben adding it one day) :smiley:

You mean in the database playlist editor? Or in the playout playlist? For the latter, this can be done using a very simple skin.ini file:


The default icons for the various playlist item types (music, voice, etc.) used throughout the software can be customized by creating a folder named “images” inside the program folder, and placing PNG files (recommended size is 64x64 pixels) inside it using the following naming scheme:




I posted a list of valid identifiers here a while ago:,5352.msg38332.html#msg38332

Thanks Torben, that’s awesome. I actually meant both… it’s easier to spot a coloured row in a long log… But the playout-only solution will be very useful as well. Thanks.

One more thing regarding the bug you discovered earlier… the ‘custom’ attribute getting lost when importing a playlist from the database: that is not limited to voicetracking, but does in fact happen with every playlist item… whatever I edit in the database it doesn’t make it through to the studio app.


Customization flag for item A/B should be set correctly in b1416. Make sure that the icon turns from green to orange. If it doesn’t, there’s still a bug. If the icon turns orange and still some changes are not preserved, there’s another bug. Just let me know.

Should the indicator for a local (blue) item turn orange as well? If yes, it still doesn’t work… :confused:

Also, I noticed that the option to bulk-edit a list of playlist elements in the database is gone… if you select multiple items and then use the context menu to select “Customize Properties”, it only brings up the dialog to change an individual item. This used to open a dialog to bulk-apply changes…

Check out b1418.

For now it seems to work as it should… Will do some more testing. Very happy customer for the time being :slight_smile:

Thanks Torben!

In the database and then playlist the correct mix is still not saved correctly (the icon is not turning orange). I am testing with b1418

You mean the icon of the voice track or the icons of the music tracks? And what color does it have instead?

I mean the icon of the voicetrack, that one is blue (must be orange, right?). Even if I edit the transition in the playlist after the recording of the voicetrack the mixpoints are not saved if there is a voicetrack involved.

First of all, here’s the meaning of the colors again:

  • Green: Item from the library, unchanged. No metadata is stored on playlist level, but only a reference to the library, so when you change it in the library, the changes will be visible in the playlist the next time you reload the playlist.)

  • Orange: Item from the library that has been modified/customized in this playlist. Full metadata including cue points is stored in the playlist. Later changes in the library have no effect on the item anymore until you re-insert it from the library.

  • Blue: External item that is not part of the library. All metadata is stored on playlist level.

Regarding voice tracks:

  • The A/B music items should turn from green to orange after VT so that the changes to their cue points and envelopes will be stored in the playlist as part of their metadata.

  • The recorded voice track will be green if you choose to import it into the database after recording, or blue if you don’t (in the latter case it becomes an “external item”).

  • If you change an imported (green) voice track later through the Mix Editor, it should turn orange as well.

Have you made any other observations? What part is wrong here?