[SOLVED] MixEditor : not working well the first time

Hi again,

Waiting for finding a solution to use WASAPI driver for soundcard (see my previous topic), I configure “DirectSound” driver for my 8 output channels sound card (MOTU 128).
When I click onto 2 tracks in the mAirlist playlist and launch the mixEditor window, once every two, the mixEditor appears but when I click play, playback doesn’t start. When I re-try after, playback finally starts…

Is it a known bug ? What do you need to search about the cause ?




It seems the problem comes with the use of WASAPI audio driver… Using the Directsound one, MixEditor launches correctly in all cases…



I assume you are referring to v4.1?

Because there was a similar bug in the first builds of v4.2, that has been fixed yesterday.

I am unable to reproduce this in either version now, even with WASAPI.

Right. I’m under v4.1 version.