[SOLVED] mAirlist 4 Playlist not compatible with mAirlist v3 ?


I use mAirlist 4 (Personal) for modifying segues, using the mix editor into the playlist. I save the playlist into a file.
Will mAirlist 3 be able to play this playlist, using the mix point defined into the mAirlist 4 mix editor ?

I gave a fast try this morning, and it seems it doesn’t :frowning:
But, when I look into the xml text included in the playlist file, I see one difference. Position attribute values (into cuemarker tags) are right into the playlist file. However, when loading this playlist file into the mairlist v3, Position attribute values are replace with “0”…

mAirList 4 uses a new way to store time markers (seconds with decimal fractions instead of the old 1/10,0000,000 second format).

You can turn on v3 compatibility mode in the config (Misc -> Options) to switch back to the old format. But there is still no guarantee that all aspects of a playlist can be imported properly into the old version.

Okay. Thanks for your answer Torben.

PS : v4 version is very exciting ;D !!