softfix times

Hello Torben

I have opend this topic before but is not clear to me how to set it up. We have a program on Saturday and Sunday which must end completely. How do I set this up the database playlist.Must the softfix time now apply to the second program part of the program?

I did so two files
1 file
2 file (softfix time)

00:00 beginning of the 3th part
3th file
4th file (softfix)

I had it set up like this but somehow the programme was skipped last saturday

If you have to change can you fix this for us via Team viewer?


Goos Mante

Must I set the time after soft fix to the file or

Sorry, no Teamviewer support.

Soft fixed time means that mAirList will start the file at or after the given time, but finishes the previous item first.

(Hard fixed time will start the item exactly at the given time, fading out the previous item.)

For a multi-hour scheduled broadcast, the “foolproof” way is to split the recording into pieces of one our each, and then add it to the database playlists.

Does this mean that i must set file 3 in softfix time?

Goos Mante

See screendump


Why are you using a fixed time here anyway?

Tell me what are doing wrong, how do we set up correctly


Just set the timing back to normal? So it plays after the previous item has finished? All in a row?

Who said you need fixed times for what you are trying to achieve?

Yes it plays normal. When we set it on softfix time it skippes the programme…

In the archive files are old programmes of the past weeks