Soft timing TOTH in hour template

Hi there,

There are a lot of old topics on this same issue, but none of them helped me in solving this one.
Hopefully someone can help me with this:
In the picture below u see my hour template.
I Will explain how it’s build:

item 1 - Start of hour marker
item 2 - TOTH audio file
item 3 - News audio file
item 4 - Music block 1
item 5 - Music block 2
item 6 - End of the hour marker

What I want to do is not to cut off the last track in the hour to play the TOTH in time. But the TOTH must be played between xx:59:30 and xx:01:30
So the last played track needs to end between those times.
Offcourse it’s possible to backtime music block 2, but since I want to add a few extra songs at the end of the hour that is not working.

(I can’t get rid off Music block 2 (item 5) due future plans in planning commercial break at xx:32:00)

At this moment the start and the end of the hour are soft fixed times
start of the hour settings:
“fixed time: 00:00:00”
“time frame: EMPTY”

end of the hour settings:
“fixed time: 01:00:00”
“time frame: EMPTY”

In this case the TOTH will be played too late when a song starts at xx:59:25 and the songs duration is 03:40.
I understand I also have to work with backtiming, but how to combine all these rules so there will be a solution wich includes this wishes:

  • TOTH played between xx:59:30 and xx:01:30
  • Last song of the hour ends between xx:59:30 and xx:01:30
  • Hour playlist has more songs then just filled from start of hour to end of hour (more songs are in the playlist after the last played song )

Hope someone can help me on this one…