Skip position


I’m using mAirlists trial version. I’m looking for a way to skip the position in a song. So that when I start playing a song, I can just skip to the middle of that song. How to do so?


For every Song in your playlist you can set a number of points (markers). The one that you’re probably looking for is “cue in”. Mark a song in your Playlist, click “PFL” and an editor opens. In the lower section of this editor you’ll see the possibilities to edit the markers (by default you’ll se a selection but there’s a tab “All” also). When you have set the “cue in” marker to the desired position, the player’ll start at this position instead of the end. You can also make these changes permanent by saving them (the buttons in the lower right of the dialog). I think the manual describes the options there quite well.

On a sidenote: be careful with these cues. I once played “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel and didn’t want the flute solo at the beginning so I edited the cue point. I entirely forgot about that and when I played the song again a few months later I did want the flute solo, I even announced it - fired the player and d’uh! It played from the cue point I had set before :wink:



When the song is playing on air, you cannot skip the position.

I understand that, but:

I want to mix 2 songs with a jingle. So we have: 1 song - jingle - 1 song. I used the mix-edit. I always skip through my songs when I prepare my show, so I can hear that everything is okay. How to do so?

Click into playlist, Ctrl+A, then click Mix Editor.


Ctrl+A = Select all.

When you want to select only the 2 songs and the jingle: press Ctrl, select song 1, jingle and song 2 and open Mixeditor. Here you can adjust Cue Points and position. Don’t forget to save within Mixeditor using Green Arrow and to save playlist afterwards.

I suppose you have to pre listen total song, you can not scroll through the song file. You can skip to the begin and end, though.

Works like a charme!