Skins Help

I’m playing around with creating a dark skin, but the text of the main Toolbar captions is black, and I can’t find how to change the color. Is that possible?

Also, while trying to convert the Player’s background color, I can only change it if I indicate player state, and I can’t just write “Color=#…” for it to effect the player in any state.

Any ideas?

First question its not working fontcolor= does not work.
just give the player in evry state the same color mine is like this

Thanks, I figured as much, but was hoping maybe I did something wrong.

At this point I’m trying to change the color of the Border, Toolbar and Buttons of the Playlist, and it seems nothing is effected by whatever I write in the skin.ini. Did anyone manage to make it work? If so, how?

Never mind! Found it!

Turns out there’s a “PlaylistToolbar” section, solved that issue.

Next I’m trying modify the buttons in the MixEditor, but there nothing works at all. Where did I do wrong? :-\ :-\


Try snapshot 3874 please, added a new [MixEditorToolbar] section.

[quote=“Torben, post:5, topic:11627”]Try snapshot 3874 please, added a new [MixEditorToolbar] section.[/quote]

Could you look at the first question, the color of the captions buttons in the main toolbar, there a lot of us waiting for that. 8)

Main toolbar is controlled by Windows color scheme and cannot be changed at this time.

Thanks a bunch! Worked wonders!
Might want to update the skin reference page about the PlaylistToolbar section.

I assume that means the top area in the Browser and in the Playlist and their frames, and the tab of the cartwall pages are also the same?

Also, is there any way to make Screen Objects gradient?

Can I change the color off the bleu play and pauze red stop and purple eject symbols in the buttons (player and mixeditor)