Skin saving option?

Could it be possible to automatically include the skin file when exporting and importing a layout?
Since the skin is of great importance in the layout and this is also included in the menu bar from version 7 onwards.
It would be useful if this could also be saved as a backup as soon as the layout is exported and imported.

I know that in the config the layout and skin are 2 different files, but I think it would be nice to be able to make a complete backup of the layout with one action.

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The layout ini is one file, the skin.ini another one (from the same directory, of course).

When you look through the configuration you will see that individual *.ini files can also be exported alone (audio routing, remote control, database, logging, actions etc.) - although the configuration as a whole can be saved as a *zip file.

However, following your proposal, Torben must set up a dialog where you can decide to export layout.ini with or without skin.ini and, if together, he has to create a *. zip file for the combined layout export. :thinking:

I understand that the files are different, even they are in the same map.

Maybe another idea…
What about havinga backup/ reatore button in the main menu under the mAirlist button wich creates a conplete backup of the layout, skin file and perhaps events too (like all functions wich u can save in the main menu bar)?
Something like the complete backup option in the configuration app?

Just thinking out loud…

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