Here some problems I encountered when changing the skin of mAirList

skin.ini - Player/Cartwall section:
FadeColor does not seem to work for Player and Carts

skin.ini - Playlist section:
Does there a parameter such as FlashEOFRowColor exist? I want the Playlist item to flash in the same color than the Player
Same would apply for FadeRowColor it it does not exist.

mairlist.ini - Player section:
Color= does not seem to use all possible colors. I tried several and some worked, some not.

Other related questions:

  • Playlist colums: why is column 1 named as “Time” ?
  • Playlist: When clicking on the icon (note sign or trash sign) the file opens in PFL. Indended or not?


If you haven’t done so already, please download the latest snapshot from - a couple of skin-related bugs has been fixed there.

FadeColor not working: I will have to check that.

FlashEOFRowColor: doesn’t exist yet, but it’s a nice idea to have that.

Color in mAirList.ini: it’s a Delphi-style TColor value in decimal notation. Note that it’s not RGB but BGR, so e.g. #AABBCC in HTML would become 0xCCBBAA which is decimal 13417386.

Column 1 is named “Time” just because it displays the backtiming information, the time an item was started or is going to be started, etc.

Toggling PFL when clicking the icon is of course a feature :slight_smile: You can turn it off in the playlist GUI options.

OK Torben,
I have backtiming disabled as it is of no interest for me so I did not notice that.
PFL Toggle is in the gui.ini indeed. IconClickPFL=

As for the color in mairlist.ini
I’m aware about the format to use.
So simply try this one:
#FFFF78 = 16777080 = light yellow
can’t get that one (beside others) to work

I’ll check with the new snapshot.


Read what I’ve written about the byte order, it’s reversed in TColor. Light yellow would be 7929855 ($78FFFF).

Why are you editing the ini files by hand anyway? I mean, there’s a nice configuration utility…

Yeah, I was a bit in a hurry this afternoon, so I overlooked your statement about the swapped byte order.

Well, I don’t find anything back in the config utility.
Sorry, it’s so huge and nowhere documented. Some labels on the checkboxes just don’t make sense to me. ;D
The inis have clear sections. So when I’m looking for a setting for the playlist, it’s obvious where to look.
Maybe there’s a kinda structure in the config utility, I just did not get it so far… ???

OK, so I’m almost done with my evaluation. I just put a second soundcard into the production machine to finally test PFL (maybe this weekend). Maybe I add a second graphic board as well to see if there’s a benefit having the cartwall on another screen. But I managed to arrange everything well on a standard resolution.

What I’ve seen so far is just great Torben! mAirList has become a well developed automation tool. Great job!


I spend most of my time on coding and administration - there is always too little time to maintain the documentation :wink:

Once you get used to the config utility, you will see that it’s actually very well structured. Pretty much like the ini sections. Often, you will find two different set of options for the same object (e.g. a player): “Options” and “GUI Options”. The former are about how that object works and acts, and the latter is about how it looks like.

If you have a question about any option or setting, feel free to ask.

[quote=“radiorom, post:1, topic:5874”]skin.ini - Player/Cartwall section:
FadeColor does not seem to work for Player and Carts[/quote]

It should be “FadingColor”. (The first part of the ID is the state of the player: Loaded, Playing, Fading, …).

LoadingColor also doesn’t work.


Mike, I think it should be LoadedColor, not LoadingColor.


In mAirList 3.0 there is both, due to the asynchronous loading feature.

Is that still on your list or even already implemented with a different keyname?

No, not available yet.