Shuffle on "When playlist runs empty"


We use the nice function “When playlist runs empty during automation”, “load and play playlist…”. The problem is that when this happens, the playlist always starts from the top and plays the same song. How can we turn on shuffle for this playlist when it loads, and have it turned off again automatically when the next hour loads?


you will find “Shuffle playlist” in the commands.

v6.3 Config (en) Actions Shuffle Playlist

So my proposal of three following single commands is:

  1. Load playlist

  2. Shuffle playlist

  3. Automation > Start automation playback
    (it’s the only way to get the playback started as a single command)

So the playlist will be shuffled before the first song starts playing.
It’s untested.

:wave: Uli

Hello Uli, this is a fine way if (unfortunately) emergency playlist is called regularly.
I tried it out and it works fine:

  • Load Playlist
  • Shuffle Playlist
  • Start automation playback
  • send e-mail

What I found out however:
the playlist shuffles well, but the first track does not move, it always starts as the first item, all the others are shuffled perfectly

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Thanks! I did not realize that the first element could be a short jingle. Then the shuffle works after this. “End” I insert as a separate playlist after the backup playlist has been shuffled.

The automation will grab and start the first item before the Shuffle action is executed.

You can try to insert a “Stop automation playback” action, then load and shuffle, then “Start automation playback” again.

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I’d like to generate a backup playlist from a local folder. This should be a .mlp file. But I haven’t found a way to generate a playlist without fixed schedule. Is there a way to generate a playlist with mairlist to have it running “when the (regular) playlist runs empty”?
I’d like to have a playlist that consists of music that is located in a specialized folder on the local harddrive.