Show Artist On Cart Cartwall Not Showing

Using mAirList in default layout, when I load an audio file into a cart, only the title shows up. For Eg. “FX - Cartoon Skid” only ‘Cartoon Skid’ shows up, not the entire name like “FX - Cartoon Skid”. The ‘FX’ part is missing. I searched the settings and found “Show Artist” under the cartwall options, yet even though I have it selected, the ‘Artist’ part of the file does not show. What am I doing wrong? See screenshots:





It seems there isn‘t enough space to show all informations.

Increase the height of the cartwall window or decrease the rows in total to get higher rows.

I’m sorry, I looked everywhere and I can’t figure out how to do it. :disappointed_relieved:

Did you take a look in the (old) WIKI? :slight_smile:

(There’s a part down below about configuring the Cartwall Design)

Thanks, I read it. But when I enter design mode, it will only let me expand the cart shape right. I can’t increase the height of it. I wonder if that is where the missing text is? But why not make it so it can display in the cart space regardless? Odd. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Perhaps I need to make the cart wall a separate window?

  • You could change the height in the Layout Designer

  • you could disable showing the numbers on top of a cart

  • you ould change the font size in the skin.ini

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I have not figured out how to use the layout designer yet. I’m afraid I will ruin something or my current layout. Also, where is the layout.ini file stored so it can be backed up?

I disabled the numbering on the cartwall like you showed above, and that worked, but of course you lose the numbering. Here is how that looked:

When I tried the cartwall in a separate window setting, you can actually resize the cartwall cards just by using the mouse to pull the sides into the size you like… however having the cartwall docked to the main program is better unless using 2 monitors. Here is how that looked:

I did not change the font size because it may look too small to read.
Side question: Is there a way to reverse the order of the way the title and and artist is displayed? Like have “FX” above “Cartoon Skid”?

So I guess the question is, is there a way to change the default height of the cartwall cards without using the layout designer?

No. It should prevent presenters from messing up the complete layout.

There are several options in the Layout Designer’s main window:

Save layout = save it to the standard layout.ini
Automatic layout: Revert to the initial standard layout

Export: Backup ini with your own file name
Import: Load saved ini file

After importing you need to press “save layout” to transfer the layout to the standard layout.ini.

If you forgot it mAirList will remember you when closing the app.


Ok, thank you. I will try this. :sweat_smile:

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