Shoutcast-Track-Update for V3

procedure OnPlayerStart(PlayerControl: IPlayerControl; Item: IPlaylistItem); begin //if Engine.GetOnAir then begin //HTTPGetAsync('' + Item.GetArtist + ' - ' + Item.GetTitle); SystemLog('Stream-Songinfo: ' + Item.GetArtist + ' - ' + Item.GetTitle); //end; end; begin end;

What is causing the Errors? (Attachment) Error 1 and 2 appear before mAirlist is starting up, 3 shows the mAirlist-Interface I get, Error 4 appears, if I want to close mAirlist.

PS: I just saw the problem exists also if i use one of the built-in scripts.

mAirlist 3.0.10 Build 636





Some of the example scripts shipped with the installer haven’t been updated for the new script interface yet, the Shoutcast script being one of them.

I propose you just use the built-in Shoutcast logging facility, which is much easier to configure anyway.

You mean Configuration -> Logging? There is no Shoutcast available.

Yes there is :slight_smile:




In that case you must have a different licence to me - or perhaps a different software version. I am using the latest “snapshot”. Check which Modules are enabled for your licence :slight_smile:

It’s obviously the Community Edition. Shoutcast logging doesn’t work there, and neither does the HTTPGet call in scripting.

Please buy a Personal Edition license.