Hi all,

For those who had problems with Listeners count in mAirList not working in Shoutcast 2.x versions, the fix I’ve been using for the last 6 months is now live in Shoutcast 2.5.

It also implements Shoutcast admin section restrictions via IP address, which is something I requested to add extra security, be it basic, to Shoutcast.

Hi Matt,

Where did you find this Shoutcast 2.5 ? I can only find 2.4.7 (build 256).
Are there any other improvements in version 2.5 as well?


It’s the current build on there website. They don’t seem to post builds in the forum, well not since DrO left.

It’s build according to the version number on my server,

Here’s the links for you CROOZEmaster:

Linux 32bit:
Linux 64bit:

Windows 32bit:
Windows 64bit:

Unfortunately the change log only covers up to 2.4.8 Build 700. But they have included fixes, namely supporting the old 1.x method of getting shoutcast stats, and support for version 1.x sources, hence why live listener count now works again in mAirList.

Plus memory and cpu optimisation, and a feature I requested that DrO included, IP based access to admin section, so you can apply IP restrictions to admin login for shoutcast.

The total number of changes, fixes, and additions is around 287 give or take.

Thanks a lot, Matt. Really appreciate it.

I am planning to set up my own Shoutcast server in the coming months. Start with a powerfull bare metal server with one Gbit public network port and 100 TB of Premium bandwidth (good for abt 6000 concurrent streams at 128 kbps) but upgradable up to 10 Gbit public network port and 1 PB of Premium bandwidth (up to 60.000 concurrent streams !!!). Will use Centova Cast streaming panel software.

Of course, this kind of powerhorse is way too much for my own operations, so I will try to share it with other broadcasters who might be interested for their streaming needs at very low cost. Just in order to get my own costs down. I have allready some fellow broadcasters from Belgium and Holland who are interested. So, if anyone else is interested, let me know (via PM preferably).

Good idea. I’ve been using Digital Ocean here in the U.K, and I’ve not noticed any down time to be honest.

I even have another server set-up with Digital Ocean for a community radio station. They pull in around 3,121 listener session per month, which amounts to 148 days, 21 hours, 22 minutes and 58 seconds of Total Listening Hours, using a 128 Kbps MP3 stream.

I know that, because I monitor there stats with the web app I built ;D

I would be interested to know who you use for your premium bandwidth. I’ve looked at a few others, but costs is always an issue.

I also once had my own co-located server. Very expensive!

We have more than 200.000 listening hours per month now (that’s more than 6.666 days) and growing every month.

Plus we want to add several new streams in the coming months and be able to stream at higher bitrates.
We are now limited to 128 kbps but allready consume 11TB right now, so bandwidth will go up considerably when also streaming in 256 or even 320 kbps and when adding another 25 new streams or more.

100TB Premium bandwidth will cost me less than what DigitalOcean is asking for just 9 TB (640$ !!!). There are several datacenters where you can get high volume private servers, it depends of what you want exactly. But be shure to have them confirm that you can use the bandwidth for audio streaming!

So you’re doing 200,000 hours of streaming? That’s a hell of a lot of listeners. I dread to think what your licencing costs are per year.

What’s the station?

Personally at those levels I would look for provider where you pay for the connection, so 1Gbps or more, and not the actual bandwidth. Or even look at a distributed Shotcast CDN model, like uses. They run multiple instances to spread the load.

But if you’ve secured a great deal, best grab it.

Hi Matt,

The licensing costs are rather moderate as we mainly do a simulcast of our FM broadcast. Also, Belgium is one of the cheapest countries when it comes to music licence costs.

You find us here: or on our website: Enjoy the Difference!


I see, yes in the U.K Internet streams is part of the FM licence, and many stations don’t geo fence there streams as they are supose too ;D

I’ll defiantly check you out. There’s a few stations I like to listen too who are also friends, like Paul FM and Hot Hits UK who both syndicate my weekly Global House Party radio show.

I’m on 17 stations in 6 countries currently, including a number of FM’s not bad for a show that’s almost 5 years old!