Short & Long Tracks

Hi All,

My marlist database is big, it contains songs from 1 minutes till 12minutes.
I used the marlist playlist generator to create playlist.

Now I want to use only songs from 2 to 4 minutes only.
Is there a setting so that the scheduler only uses tracks between 2 and 4 min

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Hi Ron,

we recommend “virtual folders” in your library.

In my private mAirList it’s the same; it was a hint from Torben before I became his employee. There was a lot to learn for me…

So I created a folder “Rotation” and copied (!) all tracks there that meet the rotation requirements. The scheduler has to use only this folder for creating playlists.

If there are other titles in the rotation that are not so fine for you, you can remove them out of the folder - it’s just a copy.
Please let the database entry in it’s original folder and copy (not: move) the titles in the folder “Rotation”.

It was a complete new way when Torben told me that, but today it’s the best solution for me.
Give it a try!

Hi Uli,

I’m aware of virtual folders.
But about 2 years ago I’ve found a setting on this forum that the generator will ignore songs with a several length. It was a setting in the music template.
I have searched the forum for a couple of ours now but I was unable to find it.


Hi Ron,

I’m using the default attributes for this. I have created a ‘Long Track’ attribute and in the database and add this attribute in a column. Then i sort column ‘Cue Out’ in the database from short to long songs and select the short songs. Then use ‘Mass Edit’ set Attribute >long Track = No
Do the same for your long tracks.

When this is done you go to Database>Music Templates>Filter and use this attribute. See below.
Personally, I think this is one of the best options in mAirlist. I use the attributes for anything and everything. :grinning:



Oli: Is there a negative side to using scheduling like this?