Sharing items between radios

We are 2 radios (3 in the future) using mAirList. We are located in different towns and do not have any VPN between us.
I was wondering if it would be possible to share items (songs, jingles…) between us ? I’d like to find an easy way (I’m no SQL specialist !) if possible.
This is just a thought, not a crucial issue.
Thanks for any help provided.

Yes, this is possible.

At least one of you must allow access to his database through the mAirListDB Server. This function is available in mAirList Advanced Server or mAirList Professional Studio.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find you in our customer area (you have no license number in your forum profile, would you please add?), so I don’t know which mAirList edition you have.

For sales advice, we kindly ask you to contact
Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Uli.
Thanks for the info. It seems quite easy.
By the way, I have the Professional studio edition. I added the licence number in my profile (never realised it wasn’t specified until now !)

Thank you. We always had that in the profile, but the information got lost when we moved to this platform. The license number is still hidden for the public, but an orange checkmark at your avatar shows “yes, it’s a verified customer”. :slight_smile:

Great. mAirListDB Server is included, so you can try directly.
Good luck!