Setup multiple dj station

Hello radio friends,

We want to setup a radio station with a couple of dj’s. Each of the dj’s will have their own instance of mairlist. The main Play out will be on a vps server. What is the best way to setup mairlist to work stable and user friendly? And how about the database? We like your advice for a workaround.


Ok, a few questions first:

Will the DJs do live shows, or pre-recorded shows, or both? For live shows, the Stream Monitor is a great thing, because it can pick up a secret “DJ stream” when it becomes active, and mute or pause the automation meanwhile.

For pre-recorded shows, you must first decide how the DJs will upload them. There are gerenerally two approaches:

  • Use mAirListDB Server/Proxy, give all users a manager account, let them upload the files through the Library import, and then schedule them in the playlist editor.

  • Use another upload mechanism, e.g. Dropbox, and fixed filenames. When there is a new version of a show, the DJ will just overwrite the file. All show files are registered in the DB Library and scheduled in the playlist editor. mAirList will pick up the most recent file during playout.

The second method is very easy because the user does not require access to the DB app at all, but can just overwrite the file. But it only works if you have some sort of fixed schedule.

Many people use the second method for news files etc. But it also work with entire pre-recorded shows.

What you also can do, is using a VPN. Setup the VPS with a VPN, so that you get a private IP-address. Then, all the DJ’s should login to the VPN-server too.

Given that your VPS is i.e., you could make a shared folder on that VPN and then use Windows Explorer (\ to go to your Soundfile Unit and upload your tracks. That way, you can also make a shared database, like if you are using PostgreSQL for example. Please take a look in the mAirlist PostgreSQL manual to find out how to use a remote connection.

If you have done that, you can i.e. just use the voice track module and everything will be fine. For this way of working, you will need a somewhat fast internet connection on both ends and some patience.

PostgreSQL backend requires Professional Edition licenses…

I don’t know what version he has. I am just trying to give another possible solution. You can still do the sound import over VPN, though.

Thank you for your input. I’m testing now.