Set specific metadata name for jingle/ ad

Recently, I started to try mAirlist, and when I configure the built-in encoder, in the “Metadata” section, by default in the metadata field there are 2 variables g and d, these 2 variables write the artist and name of the file currently playing. Is it possible to define a specific name when a jingle / advertisement is played?

A jingle is played:

  • Currently, metadata send name and artist. The final goal is when a jingle is played, the metadata sends the name of the station and not the name of the file. Same for advertising (station name - advertising).

Thank you in advance for your answer

EDIT : Regarding variables, I said the wrong name. The good default variables are % b and% a.

Simply change the meta data of the related files.

Thanks for your reply.
But I’m not sure i understand. In mAirlist I set an encoder, in the settings of this encoder you have se section for the metadata. I didn’t a file in this setting. I don’t know what file you speak about. I can only set a name/ variables in a field.

The meta data (artist / title tags) of the jingles / advertisement.
In Windows right click on the jingle / ad audio file and then “Edit ID Tags”.

ok, if I understand correctly, I just need to set the name “ad” in any ad files to show on screen “ad”.

Right. Use whatever you want for artist and title. For example set ARTIST to “Your station name” and TITLE to “Jingle” or “Ad” or whatever you like.

To avoid accidentally destroying your original files, duplicate one of your jingles and try different settings and see what happens.