Sending Artist advert: and Title advert: with the stream for Radionomy


I have an question. I would like to send twice every hour for two minutes in the artist field and the title Advert: - Advert: field with the stream. I looked in the Actions on start but could not find any settings for this.
Is this possible at all with the software?

Thank you in advanced for your reply.

Peter from the Netherlands.

Is their really nobody who use Radionomy with mairlist? :confused:

Hello Peter,

please help me to understand the problem:

  • You log every element (music and ads) you send.
  • When it comes to ads, you want to have it renamed it in the log, but not in the file itself?

Not expereinced with radionomy, but interested: Uli

The technique is explained here:

I also don’t have any experiance with Radionomy, but I assume, you just place a silence element of 120seconds set it as type that will update the title tag, depending on your META filter settings in your mAirlist Encoder.
Within the Silence Element you set both fileds Artist and Title to “Advert:” (without the quotes) and it should work.

Disclaimer, once again: I have no experiance with Radionomy. I started leaviong Shoutcast 2 since they brought in the code for this advert implementation.

Thank you for your message. I really appreciate that. So i tested it and it send Advert: - Advert: to the encoder. Only one problem… As expected it made an silence for two minutes and did not start the next song. Are their any other options. It just need to send Advert: - Advert: for two minutes and needs to go on with the show. :upside_down_face:
Again, an reply is always welcome and appriciated by me.

Hello UliNobbe,
Thanks for your reply. I appreciate that!
The automation needs to send an trigger to Radionomy so they can insert adverts. It is done by sending Advert: - Advert: in the title and artis field with your stream/encoder.
Radionomy will then pay the license & streaming cost for you. I’m a no budget radiostation so it helps me.


Well, the silence element ist an Element as any other. You can link it to the next Audio Element or in Automation mode it will fire the next element after the 2 minutes are over, anyway.

I don’t get the point where the problem is? In the studio, you hear nothing and your audience is listening to the adverts. After that you just continue the show as if you would do if something is playing with audio.