Send VT audio file to external editor.. (Roundtripping)

Hi all,

I think I asked for this feature few years ago, but a feature in Video Editing I love is called roundtripping. Basically when I record a VT, sometimes I do a good job but often want to edit out a bit in the middle.

Can we have an option to “Send to editor” (such as Audacity/Audition etc.)
When the VT window detects the edited file is saved (change etc), it updates in the VT window etc.

Now, I have to close out the editor, manually find the VT file,edit & then I usually delete i the playlist, then re-add.

I think will be useful in the workflows.


Great idea +1 :slight_smile:

Planned for a future version :slight_smile:


i think it was usefull to export the playlist with songs and vt’s directly to an mp3 file, so you got it all in it

Gentle bump, think this would be a cool feature (yes I’m biased) :slight_smile:

@radio_meteor, yes, I use mixdown a lot but this is the easily edit a VT when you have a good link but a goof in the middle. I use round-tripping all the time in video editing. Workflow is so easy.