Send meta data from Mairlist to Omnia 9

I’ve just switched from Stereo Tool to Omnia 9 xe software processor. Stereo tool is good but what a difference switching to Omnia 9 :slight_smile:

Anyway, i have set up the processor and stream encoder in Omnia 9 but i need also send metadata from Mairlist to Omnia 9.There’s a function to fetch metadata from url in Omnia 9. I think you fetch from a plain txt file. The file should be setup like this:

Dos anybody know how to set this up in Mairlist and then recieve it in Omnia 9?

Thanks friends!

On Omnia 9 you can select the TXT file on the network which contains data “Artist - Song”.
It can be exported by log with variables: “%a - %b” - written without quotations.

You must select the option to log only Music if you don’t want to show names of jingles, adverts…

Just be sure that the TXT files can be viewed by everyone on local network.

…in other words, mAirlist needs to log to a local webserver and the webserver must be accessible by the Omnia processor, correct?

No entirely. If your Omnia 9 software is on same network, you can do it by simple Windows folder sharing.

Do you use Livewire network and Axia AoIP drivers or do you use analog audio cables?