Send commands to Axum/mambanet

Mairlist can listen to Axum actuators via the remote control, thats nice!

I guess mambanet is not a one way communication protocol.

So I would really appreciate if we also could send ccommands/actuators to the Axum-interface.

Player0.1 ended
CARTWALL 1 ended

So the mixer can use those states and anticipatoin can be configured.

Of course a complete solution with settings for players and cartwall would be the best,
but just some reverse actuators could already make a huge difference.

Hear Hear ! That will be great !

Any news if this will be made possible?
Its very limiting that there’s no two way communication.

Can we expect this to be realized?
Any forecast?

:frowning: is it common practice to ignore feature requests?

Would have been great to hear if you guys take it in consideration to support the digital D&R mixers better. Now it’s very disappointing compared to other mixers.

Please let me know if this is on your list. Otherwise I should contact D&R myself and ask them for mambanet documentation, so I can have the requested scripting developed by a third party.

For ambitious radio makers this is a big issue in using digital D&R mixers and mAirlist.

I understand the request, and if there is a growing demand, I will certainly improve the remote control for MambaNet. But now now, as I have a huge backlog of features/projects that have higher priority.

What’s really puzzling for me - this basic “one way” MambaNet support has been around for several years, since 2014, and I actually implemented it according to the requirements specified by D&R. So I was under the impression that it was “good enough”. And actually noone ever asked for an improved interface - in all these years! What happened so that several people are suddenly asking about it?

Thank you for your answer Torben,

I guess mAirlist is now considered a serious playout system. Most axum/axite users are (considering the price range) professional (local) stations. They use other systems. Maybe just because of their integration, maybe because the sellers promote them. Like Aeron is (as far as I know) very frequently used with Axum.

Maybe the improved (custom) skins make it more interesting for ambitious radiostations to use mairlist in their studio. It looks more appealing.

Since the prices of the Axum/Axite dropped, its more affordable for Mairlist enthousiast to buy a digital D&R solution. Since mairlist is (under another name) the preffered player for d&r, people expect brilliant hardware/software integration. Although, I did.

For me it’s pretty painful that the Airlite that I used is far more capable in interacting with mAirlist than my pricey new Axite.

But I understand you have to prioritize.
Maybe the Airlite owners are a far larger part of your targeted clients.

If you want to take Mairlist to a higher (sales) level, I would suggest you to pick another default (dark) skin and make it more compatible with higher end mixers like the AXITE and AXUM.

But that’s just my view. :slight_smile:

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The cooperation with D&R started with the Airence, and then the Airlite, back then, and of course we put a lot of work and effort to make these remote controls the most powerful and convenient in order to promote our products.

Noone ever talked about the Axum or MambaNet until there was this request to add basic support for it a while later; and actually also not after that.

My impression during all these years was that the (original) Axum was considered a niche (or even almost discontinued) product. We do have a lot of professional users with digital consoles, but most of the time that would mean DHD, Lawo, Axia or maybe Wheatstone. I can’t remember when I last saw an Axum in the wild. In other words, the Axum didn’t seem to be sold alot (anymore).

Now it seems that D&R offers this new “Axite” variant, with a modernized surfe, a Dante card and a lower price? Fair enough. And of course we will see how we can improve the remote control support.

But as I said, it takes time and effort, and we have tons of other new features on our to-do list (you mentioned a few), so I do understand and accept your request - but it will take some time.


In the last snapshot I see ‘mambanet sensor’… Wow :slight_smile:

Looks like you created this. Tnx

But, after installing the snapshot, I stil only see the actuators, and nothing changed in the mambanet remote settings.

Do I have to do some magic to make it visible, or is there another way(place) to use the mambanet sensors?

I’m super excited about snapshot Build 4455:
Mambanet: added state sensor and scripting support.

If anyone can point me in the right direction where I can find/activate this? I’m willing to make a nice how-to for other D&R mambanet users.

I couldn’t see the mambanet remote before in my license. Maybe that’s the problem?

I added the MambaNetRemote function and the SetSensor method of IMambaNetRemote which you use like this:

MambaNetRemote(0).SetSensor(1, true);

Sensors range from 1…64 (I believe you should see them in the MambaNet environment somewhere), and values are true or false.

Now you can go on and create a background script that uses OnCartwallPlayerStateChange etc. and sets the sensor values accordingly.

Thanks Torben!

I’m not sure where to put those scripts.
Can anyone point me to the right wiki?

I hope the ‘mairlist surface’ in axum will also recognize the ‘new’ sensors.

Has anyone tested this?
I’m happy the be tester and documenter, but I need some help where to look/ test.

I found out where to put the background scripting…

But the sensors are not visible in Axum/mambanet.
I guess they need to be created/addressed by mAirlist the same way the actuators are addressed.
Somewhere mairlist tells there are 64 actuators. At the same way mairlist should tell there are 64 sensors I guess.

I’m sure a d&r technical genius can tell you more.
But at this moment axum/mambanet isnt aware that a script van send sensor signals. So nothing can be set at the Axum side. :frowning:

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Maybe this can help?

Got an error:
Runtime error “List index out of bounds (5198049)” in background script D:(…)\, handling message: PLAYERCONTROL_STOP 7CD1F4A2735A1531 00 00000000 00000001 244,875 ?

Which build are you running now? The sensors should be visible in any case, regardless of whether you have a script that “brings them to life” or not.

Disclaimer: I only implemented it according to the docs. Have been trying to obtain a demo unit from D&R to no avail.

Hi Torben,

I’m using 6.3.15 Build 4455

When I look in the AXUM config:
Axum » Console 1-4 configuration » Surface configuration » Node ‘Mairlist’
I only see Command0 to Command63 Type A

Connected by UDP to the IP of the Axum.
So If I should see the Type S commands over there, something seems not working.

As the official D&R Aircast developer, you should expect a testing posibility provided by D&R…
For now I will keep trying/testing.

[+] MambaNet: Added state sensor and scripting support

And… Jorik, getting along with this ?

Long story short: it doesn’t work yet. Torben will test it, and debug But he needs the hardware to do a proper test. D&R is also supporting, so it’s a matter of time now.

That’s what we wait for. Would be a delight when it works… I’ll keep you posted.

Ok, invested some time to check this again. I originally implemented the sensors as parts of the existing actuator objects, e.g. combined actuator/sensor objects. Which is allowed according to the documentation, there is even an example for it

Anyway, I changed it now so that the sensors are separate objects. There should now be a total of 128 objects, 64 actutators and 64 sensors.

This is in the latest snapshot 4459, can you please have a look?

Disclaimer: I had to change the code quite a bit, hope I didn’t break anything regarding the (working) actuators, so be prepared to downgrade if there is an issue. As you know, I am unable to test it here.

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Thank you. I will try the lastest snapshot and will let you know

Do you have any instructions? Should I reload or do anything?
I installed the snapshot. And can’t see sensors yet. Not in mairlist remote settings, nor in axum node.

Do I need te reinstall the remote?
Maybe a restart of the axum?
I’ll try. (But its an active studio).