Second input for encoder


I use the encoder to stream to an Icecast server for my webradio and I use the Edcast software to stream to my FM transmitter.

Why not use the mAirList encoder to send the signal to the two servers? The sound processing of Internet radio is different from the sound processing of FM broadcasting.

Since mAirList only allows one input for the encoder, I have to go through additional streaming software.

I would like to improve this and broadcast on my two servers from mAirList. Is it possible to add a second input for the mAirList encoder and be able to choose which input is assigned to which encoder?

I use mAirList Professional 6.3.0 and Dante Virtual Soundcard.

Thank you

If its the same dry signal without Hardware processing? Thats easy to do all this job inside of mAirlist.
You can choose in each encoder a single\seperate Soundprocessing Tool. Or the same tool with different settings. :wink: (not testet)
At the moment u have the soundprocessing as master setting? To protect a wrong doubble processing of the main signal, its better to set the soundprocessing only in each encoder. There u can choose the right wet soundsettings for youre different ways of broadcasting.

Thank you for your reply.

I don’t use software processing. The signal is processed by two hardware processing, one for webradio (encoded by mAirList) and another for the fm transmitter (encoded by Edcast).

I would have liked both to be encoded by mAirList.

There is only one encoder, we cannot add a second.

You can get a second Professional Studio license for a discounted price if running on the same computer (“multi instance”).