Second external audio-interface Esi gigaport HD+ & Behringer ufo 202

I’ve a gigaport 4 stereo output external soundcart. But for making voictracking working, i need a channel input.

(How) can I add the second usb card to mairlist?

Hello Nils,

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mAirlist will recognize each soundcard in your system that is recognized by Windows sound settings.
However, there may be a problem when both USB Devices (Gigagport and UFO) are both named “USB Audio Codec”. This has to be solved in Windows sound settings.

There’s another thing I don’t understand: For Voicetracking you need a microphone. Is it connected to a mixer? Which one?

I think, your Audio routing is…
mAirList > Gigaport > Mixer + Microphone > UFO 202 > mAirList

Is this correct?
No possibility to connect your mixer directly with the PC or am I completely wrong?


Hi Uli,
So i’ve changed the usb audiocard tot a Maya 44usb in combination with the gigaport HD+


Mairlist 6.2.8 runs on Windows 10,

Connected outputs: 4x stereo Gigaport HD+ AND 2x stereo outputs Maya 44USB into MIXER (OUTPUTS WORKS FINE)

input on send out mic from mixer: Maya 44 USB in

(I’ve also tested different devices on the input any of signals does’nt come into voicetrack recorder. I see flashing the lights on the card, but does’nt get in to mairlist)

Would you please give us a screenshot of your audio devices listed in the configuration?
It should look like this (with your entries, of course):

… so we can see how you configured the soundcards in mAirList.
Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: