Scripts and color


It seems to be a problem with the SetColor function in scripts (since your last snapshot).
When I call SetColor($FF0000), mairlist write 0000FF. Mairlist reverses the color code and so, the result is not what we expect to see ^^.

I think it’s bug, isn’t it ?

I remember a previous problem like this, as I recall - the code was reversed in pairs, so 123456 became 214365 - Very odd!

I believe we have to reverse the rgb components, its documented here:,2750.msg17605.html#msg17605

And here;,2356.msg14085.html#msg14085

Kind regards tony

Yes, this is because Delphi uses the inverse order, compared to HTML color codes.

It’s pairs which have to be reverse because each pair hexadecimal digits represent one byte and thus one of the red/green/blue color components.

Okay. So it’s not a bug… Only a new way to write color in mairlist script ^^
No pb. Sorry for the disturb :smiley:

Never mind.