Hi, I have been looking at an alternate playout software (Sam Broadcaster) which uses a scripting language based on pascal/delphi.

I liked the script that loads audio from defined categories and wondered if it was possible with scripts in mAirList.

Here is the code used by Sam Broadcaster:

PAL.Loop := True;

Cat[‘Tracks’].QueueBottom(smLemmingLogic, NoRules);
Cat[‘DemoTracks’].QueueBottom(smLemmingLogic, NoRules);
Cat[‘Hot’].QueueBottom(smLemmingLogic, NoRules);
Cat[‘Tracks’].QueueBottom(smLemmingLogic, NoRules);


It will wait until the 4th track is playing before repeating itself. Quite neat for one of the simpler scripts.

Kind Regards Tony

btw:enforcing the rules prevents tracks/artists playing too often
editQueueBottom places the audio at the bottom of the playlist - QueueTop as it saysedit