Script to remotely see how many (real) seconds left

I have dj’s who will make live radio from home. This DJ stream his signal (with icecast) to the main studio.
I created a little script that will put the mailist auto-play into “assist” mode once the remote dj start his stream.
The music in de main studio will stop playing once the current song has ended.
The remote dj will now start his live presentation from home.
The problem is … he doesn’t know when to start his first song exactly.

The remote dj cannot (and I don’t want it), see the main studio screen (via teamviewer or whatsoever).

Is there a way for the remote dj to know when the last song is ended?
I was thinking of a web-script where the remote DJ can see online a countdown of the last song playing in the current mairlist player ?

Hi Skeleton!
We are remote starting the remote DJ using the REST API, which works well enough. Trying to work towards using Stream Monitor instead, and having the Remote DJ start his/her stream at a set time.

We are using VNC in read only for the Remote DJ to see the centralized mAirlist.


Please take a look at this great tool from @ssnoopy :

You install it on a webdomain and connect the studio mAirlist wit a background script.

Then every DJ can open the website to watch the countdown and playlist.

It doesn’t need REST. :blush:


Any experiences about delay using this tool?

No significant delay @Tondose . As far as I discovered the Script gets the time of the actually playing element until EOF / Fade Out and sends it right at element start to the website.

So whenever an element started the time on the website starts too and shows the actually elapsed and remaining time. For me it worked great. I think 1-2 seconds delay will be possible.

But @ssnoopy should could tell you more about that…


Is there some kind of english installation / configuration guide with screenshots of the installation ?
My german is not that good :slight_smile: In fact … my german is zero :slight_smile:

It’s 2024 - Chrome can translate whole websites, google translator can translate whole texts in nearly every language :sunglasses:

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