Script to list not-yet-brodcasted songs

In mAirList version 6.3.11, there is a way to get all the already-played songs : the tab called “Reports”. With that we can extract a list of files.

To all the community, could you please help to write a script which can extract in a file all the futur songs (next scheduled elements) ?

The next scheduled information appear in the playlist’s column, so it should be possible to get back that information and filter or sort or order by type, by date, etc…

Thank you all in advance !

Said list is available already – it’s called playlist.

Thank you.
Yes there is a Export buton but we can’t get all information needed in html format.
And .txt format is empty after exporting.

Writing a script that exports the current playlist into some custom CSV or text format should be a very simple task i’ve seen on the forum but I don’t know how to do it.

Okay, what about right-clicking into the playlist, This Playlist… > Save as … > [select html as type] > Save?