Script to find duplicate entries

Hi everybody,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to write a script to find duplicate tracks (titles) in the mairlist database ? And how ?

Thank you !

Hi Mike,

this might get a little tricky as how you define “duplicate”. Africa ba Toto: Same title, but different length depending on whether it’s a 7" or LP respectively. Some Title by Anyone (just guessing): Maybe even the same length, but a re-recording. (And yes, someone forgot to append this to the title. Or didn’t know.) And so forth … :thinking:

Duplicate regards


Thank you for your answer Tondose.
Actually the point for me would be to clean out my database. That’s why I’d like to display all items with the same title, just to make it a lot easier and to waste less time…

Would perhaps be a little overkill to script that since it’s just for a one time use… Why don’t you just export a csv file and open it with Excel (or OO, Numbers,…). You can easily find duplicates there with a simple formula.

Another alternative way could be to do that on file base, there are several duplicate finders, that would workd finde for my collection. But this depends on how you organize your collection. Some do those checks on file name base, some even read the meta information in the file tags.
Than you can work through the list and look up single items in the Database for double checking.

Good idea.
I do not use a formula. In Libre Office Calc, I use the database grouping feature based on “titles”. When you combine it with a second-level group on artists, each new element (line) is displayed very easily.
Actually I use this function to find spelling mistakes in titles.

You’re right; I bought a small program for little money from a german programmer named Emil Fickel. This tool is very flexible and highly customizable (you can specify how exactly the percent match should be and you can determine if the deviation in seconds should be large or small).