Script Items, but not instant

I thought I could solve this with the offset facility, but it appears to be for something else ;(

I have a News Intro, Bed and Outro all mixed as 1 file. The intro is 15s long - I’d like to run scripts at the start and end, but not specifically at those points. Ideally, 13sec in and about 8s from the end (to open and close the line input without the IRN test tones going to air!). I realise I could probably achieve this with 3 separate news jingles (in, script, bed, script and out) but wondered if it can be done in the way I’m suggesting ?

At present, I’m getting around this by having a the Line In open/close at explicit hours globally via the Events Scheduler :wink:

I personally think that the Event Scheduler is the ‘right’ place to open/close LineIn.

I also think that yes, keeping the three elements (intro/bed/out sting) separate is preferable and certainly more flexible; especially if you want to use OnStart/OnEnd scripting to Do Things!

Just my two penn’orth … :slight_smile:


I have to say that, IMHO, the Playlist is the right place to put commands and scripts that tell the automation software to “do something”. The Playlist should be the central hub where all the timings are dealt with, and if mission critical features like Open Line Input are in a Global Events config - I feel that the the 2 will eventually get out of line (pardon the pun!). A typical situation is where a normally automated show is presented live, and that would then require the presenter to manually alter the Events Config or ensure he/she is not in “Automation” at the given time.

The Playlist “doing things” without the presenter being aware of them is a major gripe of mine!

It’s a shame that I can’t schedule a timed-item via M3U as this would be quite a useful feature 8) ie: fill the latter part of the playlist with some songs, and the last item is the News Intro with a fixed-time of 59:45. Perhaps we could have a new Playlist Item similar to COMMAND ?

#mAirList MARKER hh:mm:ss Move To Here Immediately
#mAirList MARKERSOFT hh:mm:ss Play Next Item after Current Item Finishes