Scheduler query

I normally use SPC for my playlists, but was having a play around with the scheduler in mairlist. I set up a rotation using the same folders I use for SPC, and set up the track separation, artist separation, and title separation.
The folders are also the same as I use for the mairlist database. So one is classic rock, one is hard rock, mainstream rock, etc. The penalty was set at 1 each.
I generated a playlist but the problem is that the rotation as I set it up was not in the end result. It was all jumbled up as if mairlist just randomly picked songs without looking at the rotation.
I searched through the forums and couldn’t find anything similar, so could you help me out with this?

Happy new year to you and all mairlist users! 8)

Perhaps you can post the hour template you used?

I can’t attach the actual files so will email them to you.

Thanks. Looks fine so far.

When you say that mAirList picked songs randomly “without looking at the rotation” - do you mean that the songs were taken from the wrong folders (which I doubt), or that the songs in the final playlist are in a different order than the folders in the template?

In the latter case, remember that you have to set the “fixed” flag on each template element (indicated by a red background color). All songs that are green may be shuffled in the final playlist.

The order the playlist came out was different from what I had scheduled. So the right folders were picked, but put in a totally different order.
Will try to generate one using the "fixed option.

OK, using the fixed option all is well… Many thanks again Torben 8)

You’re welcome.

The idea of having non-fixed items is that sometimes you only want to determine the number of songs to pick from each folder, but not their exact order (so you don’t end up with the 80s song being played as the second one each hour).