Scheduler problem


I have a question about the mini scheduler. There is a strange thing going on.

I’ve made a music template, please see picture below.

And these are our settings for artist / track seperation etc.

The problem is: some tracks are planned way to much. For example: I see 2x Coldplay in one hour, and then another artist 2 hours next to each other.

Why is that? And what can couse this problem? I also hear a lot of the same tracks every hour, while the music folders have much more items in there. See pictures below.

Hello @bjee,

welcome to the forum and the community. :slightly_smiling_face:
It seems that you are using a trial license (which is no problem at all), but I’m a bit confused that you use version 6 (you write in this category of our forum) instead of the actual version 7.

Concerning your problem: You can create a MiniScheduler Log text file while creating the playlist, depending on the method (by event or in the database planner).
It is very long but shows you, why mAirList picks which song concerning which restrictions at what part of the playlist.

Using this text file seems to be a bit complicated, but when you use the search function for a specific artist or title that appears too often in your playlist, you will find the parts in the list where it is picked and why other elements of your database aren’t.

I think you should give this method a try; we will help you in detail.


Thank you so much for your welcome. The software so far has been amazing, so the only problem we are facing is the mini scheduler.

I have made a debugfile, is that what I need to dive into? I’ve tried searching it in the file, but honestly I don’t know where to look.

I’ve uploaded the logfile to Nextcloud.

Could you maybe have a look with me?

Would you please be so kind to put the file right here?


Just dropped it there. Thanks!