Saving CartWall Page to a File

Hi All,

I’m trying to save a specific CartWall Page to a *.mcp file in an action script.

There’s no problem setting the Caption and FileName properties via ICartWallPageControl.SetCaption and ICartWallPageControl.SetFileName methods. These do end up in the mcp file, and if the page is manually saved (from the ToolBar) the filename is at it should be.

But how do I actually make the script write the file? ICartWallPageControl has LoadFromFile, but not SaveToFile. Is that an oversight, or is there some other way to do it?

Added in Snapshot 3613 as a method for ICartwallPageControl:

    procedure SaveToFile(iFilename: string);

The underlying code is so simple that I never bothered to encapsulated it in a method: