save playlist

Hi, is there anyway of disabling this dialog when you close mAirList as I don’t need presenters to save playlists (only admin staff).

Kind regards Tony

Yes, I agree: that would be a handy feature.

In the studio, you almost certainly do NOT want to save a Playlist when mAirList is closed.

Sounds like it should be (yet another!) config. option.


Will be included as an option in v2.1.27.

The 2.0 release lacks the new option management system where I can quickly add new yes/no-options to the various components of the software. I would have to manually change the config dialog etc. in order to introduce this option - is it really so essential after all?


Torben: I was assuming that you would not be putting this into V2.0 (only into V2.1), so that’s no problem!


Thanks Torben.