SAM database error on startup


I have keyed in all the correct information within the configuration. For me it is the following-

Protocol- FIREBIRD
Hostname- localhost
Database- C:\Program Files\SpacialAudio\SAMBC\SAMDB\SAMDB.fdb
User- ******
password- *********

The error message on attempting to load the database in mAirList is-

“Error connecting to Database: Requested database driver was not found”

Does mAirList allow for Firebird database?


ZeosLib (the database component inside mAirList) does support Firebird. Although I haven’t used it myself.

According to the documentation, the “protocal” parameter needs to be one of the following: ‘firebird-1.0’, ‘firebird-1.5’, ‘firebird-2.0’, ‘firebirdd-1.5’, ‘firebirdd-2.0’

You will also need the correct client DLL, obviously “fbclient.dll” (or “gds32.dll”, which must be renamed to “fbclient.dll”). Here’s an article with a little background:

I’ve keyed is ‘firebird-1.0’ and then tested it…it says " database succesfully connected" or whatever, but when testing in mAirList, it does not connect. Of course this may be due to not congiguring what you said Torben. I do not have a clue how to do that i must say! Also, when attempting to edit it it does not open in Dreamweaver or even Notepad. What should i use if i find out what to change within it?

Thanks for the help.

Hi Torben.

Any news on this?


Sorry, I don’t know anything about Firebird :frowning:

Ok, no worries. What other database options are there? Any idea about the mAirListDB?


mAirListDB will be launched this summer.

SAM4 can also be used with a MySQL database instead of Firebird. This works very well with mAirList, as reported in the German forums.

I’ve attempted a re-install with SAM BC using a MySQL database and of course downloaded MySQL, but still i get the error message that “the requested database driver could not be found”. Here are the details.

Protocol- MYSQL
Hostname- localhost
Database- C:\Program Files\SpacialAudio\SAMBC\libmysql.dll
User- ****
password- **********

Really stuck on this now :\


Enter “mysql-3.23” as the protocol. You will need libmysql323.dll, to be found e.g. here:

That has seemed to have helped a fair bit. But now i have this problem- (see attachment)

With the following details keyed in-

Protocol- mysql-3.23
Hostname- localhost
Database- SAMDB
User- ****
password- **********



Where did you put the DLL? The best place would be the mAirList folder.

The DDL file (323) is in the SAM BC folder in programs. Should it be in mAirList?


Sure, so that mAirList will find it :wink:

I’ve done that, but strangely i now get the following error- “Database connection failed: Cannot connect to SQL server”

Very odd. Is that to do with the MySQL side of things would you think?


If it’s a recent MySQL server version (5.0 or so), you will need to set the password with OLD_PASSWORD so that the old 3.23 DLL will work. Just do a forum search or Google search.

What i’ve done is this (off MySQL site)- Using MySQL Command Line

mysql> UPDATE mysql.user SET Password = OLD_PASSWORD([i]'my password is here'[/i]) -> WHERE Host = 'localhost' AND User = 'root'; mysql> FLUSH PRIVILEGES;

Then gone to mAirList configuration and then changed the password to the password i keyed in. Yet no success…

Is what i did right?

EDIT- sorted it now! Used the one you posted in the German forums- root@localhost version! Works great. Thanks for your help!

Sorry to bring back an old topic…

Recently we have had to reinstall both MySQL and SAM Broadcaster, due to SAM BC becoming corrupt every time the computer restarted, meaning re-installing it every time. When looking at the Windows event log, it seemed to be MySQL causing the error, so it meant un-installing that too.

So far, we are unsure if the problem is solved, but in the meantime, it has meant mAirList does not connect to MySQL. I think I’m having the same problem as the previous post of mine! Silly me!! I can’t find the original ‘German’ post which I spoke about in the previous post :\

Would anyone be able to put me in the right direction?

Thanks, Ryan.

Me again…

I need this for tomorrow, hence me being a pain.

It’s the script that does the OLD PASSWORD reset to be used with later version of MySQL with the 3.23 protocol. It was a similar script to the one posted above. I’ve had a search around with no luck! Any help would be very grateful!

Thanks, Ryan.

What’s the exact error message you get?

I can’t remember exactly now, but I’ve managed to find the thing that I needed, which was the following-

SET PASSWORD FOR root@localhost = OLD_PASSWORD(‘password here’);

It was the conflict between versions later than 3.23 I think and the DLL file.

Thanks Torben, Ryan.