Rss script in to the command viewer

Hi Torben /Uli

Is there a way to build in a rss viewer for the traffic information or the latest news headlines .

Or is this already possible to do .I did get the question from one of my collueges


I read somewhere, that mAirlist 7 will have the ability to have a built in webviewer.
So it should be possible to build a local webview that displays an RSS feed. I guess somewhere around OBS Studio somebody already did something like that.
They do tons of stuff with local html/js so you don’t need a full blown Webserver.

Edit: here is one (untested)

thanks folowing this topic . Should be great, for our dj’s

Yes, or that you click on the artist or title in the studio and you will get information about the artist/song… That would be really nice.