Rotation / Scheduler

Hi, I am new on this forum. Currently testing to see whether mAirList 3.0.3 build 564 can replace my current radio automation software; First impression is good.

My most important need is the use of a scheduler or rotation. In mArirList, can I place files in categories so that they will be played by a clock or Scheduler? e.g.

  • Pop 80
  • Current
  • Jingle
  • Pop 70
  • Pop 80
  • Event
  • Rock
  • Pop 80
  • Etcetera

How do I fill the mAirListDB? How to make a rotation / scheduler?

I find there is little documentation on version 3. Can anyone help me with this?


Hi Adrian, a proper scheduling is due soon in version 3 of mAirList.

Look through the scripts for a temporay solution (Theos is a good example) or try ims :

Kind regards tony

mAirList 3 will receive a basic rotation-based “random playlist” function. This is not yet ready, as well as the network-enabled version of mAirListDB. Remember that mAirList 3 is still beta.

For more complex music scheduling requirements, it is inevitable to use a professional third-party scheduling software. I’m planning to introduce convenient import/export interfaces to the most commonly uses packages.

I posted installation instructions for mAirListDB local here:,3698.0.html

Torben - I don’t suppose you have a rough estimation of when this feature is going to be available?