Rotaion cutting off

Hi, Adriaan has helped me very well to create rotations and playlists and i am greatfull. I have it make it work now and that is going fine. I have scheduled every day and the hour playlist is loading 5 minutes before the next hour. When the next hour starts the Time enachament only plays and then the playlist disappears completely. see attached

event editor.jpg


config action.jpg


“Plaats databank playlist” is “Load database playlist”, right?

Generally, when running the event a few minutes before the top of the hour (which is perfectly fine and what I would recommend), you should use “append database playlist” instead. Make sure the option about “next hour instead of current hour” is checked (as you did).

This will only append the playlist at that time, and the fixed time of the Start of Hour marker will take care of the rest.

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“Plaats databank playlist” is “Load database playlist”, right?

Yes thats correct.

I have change the config to “append database playlist” and its working.

Now there is one problem to solved for the finishing touch…see attached. Every hour at the end the playlist stops and give “silence forever”. And the playlist starts to play when the new hour begins. I have a rotation of 20 songs.

What can this be?


Its solved! Added 2 more songs and its working now :D. Thanks Torben :wink:

Sorry but “Silence forever” comes back and there are enough tracks left. I don’t get it anymore :frowning:

Infinite Silence will be added when the last song finishes before the fixed-time item (end of hour/start of next hour) is reached.

This happens when there are not enough songs to fill the time until the end of the hour, or when items were skipped, e.g. because of errors in the files. Check the System Log (in the menu next to the mAirList button in the main toolbr) for any error messages. You can also enable the “Playlist” filter in the system log viewer to check the date/time when items were started, and compare them to the scheduled times in the DB playlist.

Hi Torben,

I have checked it but no errors for so far. See attached. It stil happening.


And when you compare the start times in the System Log to those in the scheduled playlist (DB playlist editor) - where do they get out of sync?

picture 1 you see the end of the playlist. Sexy Eyes is the song that most be played next.

Picture 2 you see that Mairlist has removed the track “sexy eyes and the rest.”

Picture 3 is the database.

All the songs from “Sexy Eyes” till the end of the hour are good and can play in the database.So i don’t understand it anymore.




What events are you using now, and at which time?

(You can copy them with Ctrl+C to clipboard as XML, and paste them here.)

0-23 55 rotatie 2018-01-11T22:55:00 true mAirListDB:{93432927-C74B-4914-AEEC-616D653313BD}

You are still using “Load database playlist”. Change this to “Append database playlist” (see my post above).

I have trieid all options and still the same :-.

What’s your current event list now? Please re-post.

Hi Torben, Sorry for the late response but it’s works fine now…Thanks :wink: