RME Fireface UC recording issues Windows Server 2008R2

Hi Guys, Got a slight issue that’s been bugging me for about a week now and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for possible solutions.

Recently changed my mAirList setup from a Windows 7 64bit system to a Windows Server 2008R2 system (with the Desktop Experience installed). I use a RME FireFace UC as my audio interface over USB. I had this running on the Win7 system using the ASIO settings for both player output and encoder input with no issues at all, but since moving to WinServer2008R2 player output is fine, but any recordings done via the encoder or aircheck recorder sound awfull. It is full of gaps and stuttering, this includes the stream output aswell. It doesn’t matter if I choose the ASIO, WASAPI or DirectSound option for this input as all produce the same issues. I’ve tried al sorts of combos of buffer sizes and settings with the result only getting worse each time.

I’ve narrowed it down to being a mAirList issue as if I use the input with ‘butt’ I have no issues on the recording or stream that it produces.

Is there something in the setup of Server 2008R2 that I have missed that could be causing it, or is it something else?

Thanks in advance guys!

I would not call this a “mAirList issue” if it worked fined under Windows 7 previously. Rather some sort of incompatibility of the components involved?

If you tried all possible options and settings already, I have absolutely no idea what might be wrong.

That’s where I’m lost as it appears to only be in mAirList where the issue is produced. Could there be some settings that I’ve missed perhaps?

Only other thing I can think of is the Windows 7 setup was running 5.2 where as this new one is running 5.2.2, so I’m going to try a copy of 5.2 on it tonight to see if that clears the issue.

Cracked it! Turned out to be a bad DSP plugin on the encoder that was causing the issues. Removed it and all is well again! ;D