REST interface tools

Here are some tools if somebody wants to control mAirList via the REST interface

The first application has a http Webinterface that allows to connect via a standard browser.
After supplying the password, the user can then enter shell or mAirList REST commands.
A shell command could eventually be used to start a mAirList instance remotely or execute a .bat file
The program will check if there’s a running mAirList instance.
REST commands will only be accepted with a running mAirList instance


The second tool is a REST Client that can be started from the cosole (commandline).
It could be used locally via a batch file or on a remote PC.


C:>C:\ML_RESTClient\ML_RESTClient.exe PLAYER 1-1 START

would start player 1


Configure your .ini accordingly, make sure the firewall does not block the assigned port(s).
When accessing remotely via internet, make sure the port forward mapping on the router is set as required.

Have fun:


I read that the REST interface now supports username and password.

I had a quick look into the config… I assume the username and password that can be specified there have nothing to do with the OS usernames, right?

On the other hand, I want to update my RESTClient and Webinterface Programs to support this functionnality.
How does the http-post method have to look like for sending user and password?

… ???


Correct, the REST accounts are not related to the Windows system accounts in any way.

The credentials are transferred by the means of HTTP basic authentication. Most HTTP toolkits (as well as web browsers) allow you to include them in the URL as follows: