Request for a container

I have a request that there is a container that is similar to the news container, but with a few minor adjustments

Actually my question is for a new container that can use imaging and looks like content in a virtual folder of the database instead of a specific item. In addition, this container can be provided with a start and end date in terms of planning.

Below I will explain what and why we see these functions as useful. But first I will briefly explain what we want to achieve.

We want to provide plain spoken messages with imaging, just as can be done in the news container. However, they are all regional messages that can be used for an x ​​number of days. The first request is whether this container can also be provided with a start and end date.

I also have a second request which may be more difficult. I hope I can explain it well:

In a news container, a specific audio file is used which is physically overwritten each time. With the messages I mentioned above, there are several (many) messages present and we would like a container that can use an item from a certain virtual folder instead of a specific item. Please take into account the start and end dates of the items in the virtual folder.

This allows multiple messages to be used and the imaging is automated, just like with the news.

In any case, I would like to hear what you think about this design of a (new) container

I noticed the change in the region container in the hour template. It is now possible to select the option to choose a filler from a virtual folder within the database.
That is already a cool feature.
Hope it would also be possible to create an container with a static (or changeable) filler, but also the option to use the main content from a virtual folder within the databse. So not just the filler will be chosen, also the main content will be chosen from a folder. Hopefully with the option to look at scheduling settings (Date before and date after item isn’t allowed to play)