Remote VT Client (IVT) Multi Platform support.

Hello, the last note i did see abate OSX was from 2008 (in the English section)

Im requesting a Remote Client for adding music, make playlist and VT for more then one platfrom.
OSX is growing and growing and now almost everyone i know have a MAC instead of a PC :-[ .

What im requesting is a pure application or a Web interface, as long as it have the remote part and support for multi platform’s.

If there is anything the community can help out with write it here. Im a delphi messed up dude i don’t know if i can help you, i do know load of people that can help as long as we get info on what to do.

I rely think this “IVT” module will bring mAirList to the next step, and i rely hope you considering this as a important todo on you’re long todo list :slight_smile:

/Joakim :smiley:

I suppose if there is some kind of api, it would be possible.

But short of that, using something like Parallels Desktop and the mAirListDB Server to allow remote access over the web, is about all I could suggest.

Mind you just thinking about it, the networked version (pro) uses PostgreSQL on the back end, so you could code up a PHP front end to that, for example, and host it on a web facing server.

Mind you I would think long and hard about security, and you would need to know what tables do what. You wouldn’t want to accidentally trash your database during development.

I think there could be a web-based client one day. Not sure if HTML5 already has all the bits and pieces we need. No, we won’t use Flash :wink:

True Torben, IPDTL (alternative to ISDN services) uses the OPUS audio codec found in the Chrome browser to do audio over IP 2-way.

I’ve used it in the field to send both voice, and music over 3G/4G connections.

WebRTC/Opus as used by ipDTL is another thing - that’s for live transmission.

But for voice tracking, you actually just have to

  1. Download playlist, identify position.
  2. Download audio for music “before” and “after”.
  3. Record voice track
  4. Encode voice track into MP3 or so
  5. Upload voice track
  6. Insert voice track into playlist and upload new playlist

All of this could be done inside a modern browser, with mAirListDB Server as the REST backend for file and metadata upload/download.

We just need a skilled HTML/JavaScript developer for this :slight_smile:

Here’s some interesting links to get you started:

Ok super i Will start look in to it

Hi there Torben.

Just wondering if there is any progress on this?
I have some stuff if you want to have a talk.

Nothing that would be worth mentioning, no. You?

Hi all,

is there anything new on this topic?
Our playlist editors would like to acces the playlist database from remote (only editing the playlist, no audio data transfer like voice tracking or audio upload or so). Is there anything planned to acces the database via internet browser?
Some of our editors use linux, thats why they woud appreciate it, to have multi plattform support.

best regards,