Remote voicetracking?

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We have been using mAirList (v5.3 pro networked) at Black Cat Radio for a number of years there is currently a suggestion to move to another system mainly due to ability to perform remote voicetracking from home using a standard web interface.

The other functionality is very similar to mAirList so I would obviously prefer to keep using mAirList but this remote web based voicetracking has really got people excited.

Does mAirList version 6 include any facility for remote voicetracking (ideally using a web interface?). If so then can you point me in the right direction to set it up or, if not, is it on your roadmap?

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Well, could you please explain that a little more, please? What are you doing exactly from your’s and how do you do it?

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Is mAirListDB server a possible solution?


Ideally this would enable the end user to login through the web wherever they are (not using VPNs),and use their microphone to record their voice tracks and manipulate their log as they see fit. This would save a trip to the studio (which may be a long jurney for some).

There is a youtube video which shows this functionality but it is not appropriate to post that here. DM me for the link if you are interested.

As I mentioned earlier - I love mAirList and have been using it since 2006 so I am happy not to change but this remote VT from a standard browser has really got quite a few people going.


With regard to mAirListDB server - it could be possible what exactly does ‘road-warrior type clients’ mean? Is the ‘home’ version of mAirList a ‘compatible copy’ with “mAirListDB (Internet Client)” connection or does everyone need to have a pro version?.

The functionality of the ‘other’ software which has got everyones interest is the ability to remote voice track via the chrome web browser which could be done using any platform be it Windows, MacOS or Linux.

The client software can be mAirList Home User edition - as long as the user meets the requirements listed here:

As for web-based VT, this has been requested before, and in theory it would be possible through the API exposed by DBServer.

It would be extremely difficult, or time-consuming, to implement all the things we have in the current VT GUI (in particular volume envelopes and the Mix Editor) in a web-based JavaScript application.

The question is, would a “basic” web VT facility be sufficient?

That other system you mentioned, what can it actually do? Does it have a Mix Editor in the web GUI?

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Hi Torben.

Yes it has a mix Editor. I tried to send you a DM with a link to a youtube video which explains its functionality but you are not receiving messages at the moment and I will only post it publicly if you say so.



I have disabled private messages. But I think I know/found that video already. Cool stuff. No, we don’t have that. If it’s a requirement, please go with the other software.

Having watched the video I wonder what the concrete benefits are? (Apart from being fancy.) As I see it – you might correct me if I’m wrong – everything they are doing in the video can be achieved offline as well, apart from fiddling around in the playlist (“log”). And, if I see it right (still), if you are naming your voicetracks (“links”) correctly and put them in your remote-controlled database, they could be imported by the playout server automatically.

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