Remote Voice Tracking (On the hour)

Hi all,
I’m interested in buying mAirList properly instead of the trial for home edition as my community station uses it. However, I have a question for you all…

Has anyone managed to voicetrack into the log on the hour? For example, if any of you have used Zetta you can see the current hour playing out on the studio PC and you can remotely voicetrack into the log and it will automatically insert.

Here’s the Zetta interface… you can just click into the log and voicetrack directly in remotely.

I know this is possible before the hour commences and is loaded in to the playlist. I’m trying to find out if you can voicetrack on the hour remotely…

Due to the current pandemic we’re not allowed in the studio and we’re currently having to revert to pre-recording hours at a time and it’s extremely frustrating not being able to do any listener interaction…

I look forward to a reply.

No, you can only VT into future hours as there is currently no live log update in mAirList.

Compare prices of mAirList and Zetta and you’ll understand.

Thank you Torben :grinning: