remote voice tracking - How does it work.

Could someone who used remote to be tracking explain to me how it work. What is needed for the voice tracker? Another copy of mAirlist? Or is there a remote client? I don’t want my VTers to have to purchase anything so I am curious about this.

You need a mAirList license (Home Studio, Pro Studio, or Pro Management with VT option) on the client side. It won’t work without it, sorry.

Ah. So this is just a regular license that the voice tracker needs to purchase just for voice tracking? Any thoughts on making a remote voice tracking client? Or is that too difficult at this stage to implement?

Too difficult.

Or record your show within 30 minutes and use the demo license :wink:

That’s one way to do it. Kind of cheating the system. I am glad to see remote voice tracking can work. But at this point it just seems too complicated to implement. I would never want to make a vtker pay for the software to voice track for us. Since everyone is volunteer.