Remote Server/Client TCP

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I am coming back today to post on this Forum because I cannot get the TCP Server to communicate with its client.

The two machines, one server and the other client are on two different networks.
The ports are open in and out on both machines and mAirlist indicates that the client is well connected to the server.

However, when I send a command with the prefix defined in the parameters nothing happens ā€¦ How do you solve the problem?

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The command prefix is to filter incoming data for commands, not outgoing commands.

The TCP client/server components are typically used in scripts. Perhaps you can explain a little more your scenario and what you are trying to achieve?

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I would like to do for example, the mAirlist A = AUTOMAT and the mAirlist B = STUDIO.

The mAirlist A, at the end of the hour via a Jingle, triggers the playback of the player on mAirlist B.

At the end of the show, in a jingle, mAirlist B triggers the resumption of the playlist on mAirlist A.

I was thinking of using the TCP command via Server / Client, to make them communicate.


What editions are the two sides?

Iā€™m testing mAirlist in Advanced version on the two remote computers.