Remote rewind

Is there a way, through MIDI or other remote protocols to 'rewind" a player?
With rewind I do not mean rewind to ‘zero’, but rewind in increments, like 1 second at a time
I looked at all the scripting documentation and could not find any commands to do this.

You mean when the player is already playing on air?

In my use case, I have a news clip, that I’m discussing with my co-host. I often stop the clip to discuss it, and when restarting, I like to roll the clip back a second or two. Other times I will just want to replay a piece of the clip and rewind it as many seconds as needed.

This can be achieved to a degree with the mouse by clicking in the waveform of the clip in a player, but it is cumbersome at best.

Perhaps there is a script that I can assign to a midi knob?

Some serious script hacking later…

  sc: ISourceControl;

  sc := CurrentPlaylist.GetPlayer(0).GetOnAirSourceControl;
  if (sc <> nil) and sc.GetSource.IsCueable then
    sc.SetPosition(sc.GetPosition - 10);

Save as and bind to a MIDI input with “RUNSCRIPT C:\somewhere\” (type manually into the command field).

For Player B etc., duplicate the script and change the parameter of GetPlayer. 0 is first player, 1 second player etc.

Some serious extraterrestrial hacking there :slight_smile:
Thank you Torben, it works like a charm!
I changed the -10 parameter to -5 and can easily step back an extra 5 seconds by hitting it twice.

This brings me a step closer to my License upgrade, just need to figure out my motorized faders…

Thank you again.


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