Hi there,

what’s the intend of START/PAUSE/STOP command?
I can only see that it toggles between Play and Pause. I would have expected it to switch between the 3 states sequentially.
Bug or “as intended” ?

Furthermore, does there exist a command for CARTWALL LOOP toggle. Just can’t find it.


START/PAUSE/STOP toggles between START/PAUSE - however, when the player is at EOF, it acts like STOP, so it resets or (if enabled in the config) even unloads the player.

The LOOPAUDIO ON/OFF commands for the cart players are missing. Never noticed that. Thank you for pointing me at it.

Loop and Hook option commands will be available from the next release.

Danke, alles klar.

An die Entwickler: Wäre es nicht sinnvoll, Play/Pause/Stop so zu implementieren, dass die Funktionen sequentiell durchlaufen werden? Ich würde mir das wünschen.

Beste Grüße,

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